When is the Best Time to Hire a Wedding Planner?

Simply put, Right Away! We find that many brides wait until much later in the planning process to book their wedding planner to make sure there is room in the budget. However hiring a planner (or even a month-of coordinator) from the get-go is the best way to ensure that each dollar amount in your budget is realistic and on point, including your budget for your planner. By booking your wedding planner before all other vendors, they will be able to save you time and research by informing you of what vendors will work best for you, what type of design is attainable, and what is reasonably possible for you within your budget.

Beyond budget control, wedding planners can recommend the best vendors for your special day, keep you focused on the right tasks at the right time, and allow you to keep a cohesive design and plan up until you say I Do.

Best Time to Hire a Wedding Planner


Mat and Lisa had these ideas in mind when they hired Uptown as their wedding planner. They first chose their venue, Heritage House and then closely after booked Uptown Events & Travel to coordinate their big day. From that moment on, we took the journey of planning a wedding together and had so much fun!


Best Time to Hire a Wedding Planner

Vendor Recommendation:

With Mat and Lisa, their day revolved around fun. From day one, they took a relaxed approach to planning, taking my advice, and asking questions the whole time. After hearing more about their vision for their big day, I sent them a list of our favorite vendors that fit their budget and design, saving them countless hours of research and taking away some of the overwhelming feeling when searching for vendors.

Best Time to Hire a Wedding Planner

Task Management:

As the planning process continued, Lisa and I spoke monthly to touch base on what tasks had been completed and what was left to be decided upon. Looking at a wedding overall can be very all consuming, so at Uptown we encourage our brides to only tackle certain tasks each month. This allows for a smoother planning process and better decisions to be made.

Best Time to Hire a Wedding Planner

Best Time to Hire a Wedding Planner








Cohesive Design and Plan:

Lisa, Mat, and I bounced ideas off each other based on different things that came up, such as what catering to use for their specific palette, what florist to use to bring natural beauty and consistency into their design and how to lay out their day to create the relaxed and fun atmosphere they envisioned.

Best Time to Hire a Wedding Planner

Images by Angie L Photography

By the time their big day came, all three of us were so incredibly excited! We had a brilliant team of vendors, a minute by minute plan put into place, and one hundred of their closest friends and family in town to celebrate them saying “I Do!”

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