Wedding Stationery Tips & Facts

Interested in learning more about wedding stationery? Wondering how and when to create your wedding invitations? Megan James of Peach Paper & Design shared her top 8 wedding stationery tips and facts with us. Read on to learn more!

Wedding Stationery, Thomas Ross Photography

Thomas Ross Photography

Wedding invitations are such an important part of the biggest day of your life. Invitations set the tone for the wedding and show your guests a small glimpse into the event. This glimpse will either make them feel nothing OR excited to see more of the thoughtful details you so carefully planned for months. A great wedding invitation will have your guests excited to celebrate! It is also one of the few things that you can physically keep from the wedding and look at for years to come.

Keep in mind that a great wedding invitation does not necessarily mean expensive or over-the-top. A great wedding invitation is one that is thoughtfully designed, with your event and aesthetic in mind. I am a huge believer in “less is more” and love simple and sweet wedding stationery.

Wedding Stationery, Love is a Big Deal

Love is a Big Deal

One of the most important parts of the wedding invitation is choosing the appropriate wording and following etiquette. There are so many unknown rules and facts regarding wedding stationery etiquette. Here are a few good ones…

Top 8 Wedding Stationery Tips & Facts

  1. If the wedding ceremony is held in a house of worship, the second line of the invitation should read:

request the hono(u)r of your presence

The “u” in honor can be added or left out. Either way is correct and it’s based on personal preference.

2. If the ceremony is not held in a house of worship, the second line of the invitation should read:

request the pleasure of your company

3. If the wedding ceremony and reception are both held in the same venue, a line is added to the bottom of the invitation. The most traditional options are:

Reception to follow

Dinner and Dancing to follow

Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing to follow

4. If the ceremony and reception are held at different venues, a separate card is needed with the reception location, time and details included.

Wedding Stationery, Sophie Epton Photography

Sophie Epton Photography

5. The wedding registry should never be included anywhere on the wedding invitation suite. Including an insert card with the wedding website is a way to subtly include those details and guide guests to the website for more information.

6. Postage on the response card should always be included and provided for the guests.

7. You know all those really ugly marks that the post office prints on the bottom of envelopes? Yes- there is absolutely a way around those! Some post offices still offer hand canceling where they will stamp and process the invitations by hand. Doing this makes the envelope look much prettier when it arrives to the guest.

Wedding Stationery, Twin Lens Weddings

Twin Lens Weddings

8. Have you ever received a super traditional wedding invitation with two envelopes? Inner and outer envelopes aren’t very common anymore because they aren’t necessary and most brides want to cut that extra expense, but some very traditional brides still request them. The history behind inner and outer envelopes is so fun! (Or at least I think so!) Way back in the day, when mail was still delivered by horse, invitations were addressed on the outer envelope to the guest. When they were delivered, the outer envelope would be a bit dirty and beat up. The butler would receive the mail and open the outer envelope, revealing the clean inner envelope. The inner envelope would have only the guest’s name on it (no address)- making it seem more personal and hand delivered.

Maybe I’m just a paper nerd but #8 is my FAVORITE fact about the history of wedding stationery!

Whether your wedding is big, small, formal, casual, fancy, traditional, fun, unique, eclectic – wedding invitations represent you and your fiancé’s promise to one another. They represent the beginning of your new life together and the gathering of all the people you love most.

Cheers to beautiful weddings and more importantly, marriages!

– Megan James

Peach Paper & Design

Wedding Stationery, Kelly Costello Photography

Kelly Costello Photography

Q&A with Megan James

How did you get started?

Growing up, I was always a bit artistic and loved to make signs and painting for friends. My first semester in college, I was actually planning on majoring in accounting! I took my first accounting class and immediately dropped it. I was also taking a graphic design class as an art elective and I was sold! I changed my major and received my BFA in Communication Design (also just a fancy name for Graphic Design)! My last semester in college, I designed my best friend’s wedding invitations and I can still remember telling my mom, “If someone would just pay me to design wedding invitations for the rest of my life, I’d be happy”. The first job that I took after graduating was a design position at a small stationery company. I worked there for a bit and then moved and started working for myself. I have never looked back once or questioned that this was the right path for me. I consider myself extremely lucky to truly love what I do. AND bonus- I get to play with pretty paper, paint and create daily!! Dream job!

How early should a bride order invitations?

This is the timeline that I tell all my brides to follow:

6-12 months out: order save the dates

4-6 months out: mail save the dates & order invitations

6-8 weeks out: mail invitations

4-6 weeks out: order programs & reception items

What stationery trend are you hoping to see more of in 2017?

I really love incorporating watercolor into my stationery designs. I am thrilled that this trend has stuck around for a good while and I really hope it never goes away! I’m hoping watercolor stays strong through 2017! I am also really loving all of the mixed metallics. So I would love to see more of the copper & rose gold incorporated into wedding stationery.

Wedding Stationery, Julie Wilhite Photography

Julie Wilhite Photography

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