Travel Tip Tuesdays- Africa Style

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Jessica got the chance to tour many properties during her three week stay in the beautiful continent on Africa. During her trip, she learned about adventures, romantic getaways and exciting excursions that she cannot wait to share with our clients. She also learned a few tips on traveling to and around Africa that she wanted to share!


Travel Tip #1: Take a camera with you everywhere you go! While on Safari you will see everything from lion, elephant, giraffe, hippo, leopard, zebra and the list goes on… When in and around Cape Town you will not believe the stunning views of the ocean, beautiful mountain tops, and much much more!


Travel Tip #2: South Africa has fantastic wine! Make sure you take the opportunity to spend a day in the winelands area outside of Cape Town to taste and sip on these fantastic wines. And while on the way to the winelands, keep your eyes peeled as you never know what you might see! I saw a large “pat” of pink flamingos!


Travel Tip #3: The South African Rand isn’t particularly strong right now, so it is a great time to do some shopping while in South Africa! Make sure to take an extra bag with you (or just buy one there) to bring back all your amazing finds. The Watershed in Cape Town is a fantastic place to get locally made unique goods.


Travel Tip #4: When traveling on Safari, you are limited to one 44lb duffle bag, which can get tiresome to lug around. Buy a roller trolley to strap your duffel bag onto that can easily be unstrapped when time comes to squeeze your bag into the small bush planes’ luggage hold.


Travel Tip #5: Ask your safari guide about all the group names for African animals~ a dazzle of zebra, a troop of monkeys, a crash of rhinos! Learning all about these amazing animals will take you back to your pre-school days! 


We hope you use these tips on your next journey overseas! Bon voyage!




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