Jessica’s Journey’s- Freedom Lies in Being Bold

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Over the past year and a half, I have kept coming back to the same thought- in order for my business to really take off, I need to be brave and put my true self out there for the world to see. I have been extremely fearful of judgment, so it has taken me seventeen months to finally get up enough courage to finally get started.

I attended a “She Inspires” Conference a couple months ago and my key takeaway from that experience was-

I AM AUTHENTIC. I not only want to show my true self to help grow my business, but also to feel as though I am giving this world the whole-hearted authentic me. I have always been fearful of how others perceive me and being a business owner has only fueled that fear of negative perception. But today I am here to let that all go and release my fear.

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I recently saw a friend I used to work with and the following day she sent me this email. This woman is super bold and courageous, so it really meant the world to me for her to say these super sweet things!


Fun Fun Fun last night!   Would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how proud everyone at GP is of you!   Your new business is off and running!  The real innovators in business are constantly learning, and exploring new options for marketing.   You will always be one step ahead of the crowd by keeping up with the latest marketing trends.  And you do. And, as I said last night, just LOVE your infectious newsletter.  It sets you apart.  I think it’s brilliant to offer a one-stop shopping experience.   Wedding and honeymoon all in one.  That’s an amenity others cannot include.   Everyone is always excited with travel, and the pics and updates are fun to view.  

With so many options in every category of our lives, and the fact that we don’t have the time to explore various options like we used to; you’re so on the right track.  But, remember, your drop dead gorgeous face also sets you apart from the crowd.   Personalizes you.  Brands you.  And, even though it seems uncomfortable at first, it does get easier to personally put yourself out there each time you do it.   I know you’ll be successful with this venture, and it will be exciting to continue to watch it unfold.

 You’re tenacious and beautiful.   You go, girl!!”


So amazingly sweet right!?

My friend’s words completely embrace what I need to do. I need to believe that I am unique and I am what sets my company apart from everyone else. I have talent and skills that I am very proud of, but I need to not be afraid to stand in the light and show who I am. Not hide behind my logo or company name, but show the real true me.

So… here I am putting my self out there for everyone to read my opinions, struggles, successes, insecurities and beliefs. These are all things I am so very afraid of sharing because of fear of scrutiny, but as I am nearing 28 years of life, I think it’s time to let go and just be me.

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Aahhhhh this is pretty liberating 😉

Oh and I’ve decided to be a bit bold and call myself Duchess Upton. When I created my personal Instagram account, I wanted to be “daring” and come up with a gutsy name that took me out of my comfort zone (I guess that was technically my first step to putting myself out there), so Duchess Upton is what I came up with. And honestly I really truly love it! So feel free to follow my personal photo journey on Instagram- @duchessupton

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Be Authentic!!



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  1. So very proud of you and all of your success! Keep doing you and show the world why we love and cherish you 🙂

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