South Africa- Best Honeymoon Destination

south africa

I just spent three weeks touring the beautiful country of South Africa. This blog is an attempt to take all the beautiful sights, kind people and gorgeous properties I toured and condense it to a few lines on a page! There are endless moments during my trip that were beyond my wildest dreams, and I cannot wait to be able to send clients there and have them live through some of the memories I now have of this amazing place across the world! Between the adventure that lies around every corner, to the romantic breathtaking sights and tours,  I’d like to give some reasons on why I believe South Africa is the most amazing destination honeymoon location!



Cape Town is home to Table Mountain which provides some of the best hiking and views you can imagine. Uniquely, it’s a flat topped mountain that allows you to overlook Cape Town.


Safari’s are more than an adventure. They are a life changing, terrifying and wonderful experience. On a Safari in South Africa, the ultimate goal is to see “The Big Five.” The Big Five consists of the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot. These animals are the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard and the White/Black Rhinoceros. During my safari, I was in awe of the African lion. As one walked past my safari, I couldn’t help but feel scared, amazed and excited to be in the presence of a majestic and very powerful animal.


Snorkeling is something that many adventurous location have to offer. However, have you ever seen a snorkeling package that consists of swimming with seals? In Hout Bay, you snorkel amongst the seals in an adorable, hilarious and exhilarating way.


South Africa radiates romance. The warmth of the country, the kindness of the people, and the nature that surrounds you truly makes South Africa one of the best honeymoon locations in the world.


South Africa is home to beautiful winelands. You can drive through the scenic valleys and dramatic mountains during wine tours while sipping on your favorite exotic glass of wine. In the ultimate picturesque town of Franschhoek, you can sit down after a day of sipping fine wine and enjoy the loveliest small restaurants that allow for a private, romantic ending to a wonderful day.


Sundown drinks may be one of my favorite moments of my trip. During a sunset drive touring the never ending beauty of South Africa’s landscape, your guide will pull into an open field to show you an immaculate view of the Drakensberg mountains while handing you a fresh drink. Their bottomless valleys and skyscraping peaks shadow through the water color painted sky making a scene that absolutely takes your breath away. With a drink in your hand, and your newlywed by your side, it truly creates a once in a lifetime moment.


Lastly, the stars are unlike any stars the United States have to offer. The night is so dark allowing the stars to illuminate so bright. The stars feel closer in South Africa and have quite a demanding presence in the sky. Skygazing allows for absolute silence to be welcomed and enjoyed as you stare at the stars. Make sure to look from the Southern Cross, or Crux, a cross shaped constellation viewed only by the Southern Hemisphere.




South Africa was more than I could have ever imagined. I cannot wait to see all the photos, hear all the stories and learn more about the country as we send clients there on their honeymoon!



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