Number One To Do When You Get Engaged

Number One To Do When You Get Engaged

So he finally popped the question? Congratulations! You shared the big news with your family and friends, Instagrammed a picture of your sparkly new ring, and celebrated the fact that you will be changing your name in the next year or so… but what’s next?

Countless hours on email, phone calls and Pinterest or— what we suggest: Hire a Wedding Planner!  


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Weddings have changed dramatically over the past few years. Most people don’t recognize how much time and effort goes into planning one very special big day for you, your fiancee and your friends and family. In fact, the average wedding takes about 250 hours to plan. Wait, what?! Yes, you read that right! By planning it on your own, you might find yourself pulling your hair out before the big day. However, wedding planners are there to eliminate that stress and make it an exciting and happy time. Planning a wedding is a full time job and you already have one, so leave the planning to the professionals because that’s our job☺

Wedding Planning Process:

So what exactly does the 250 hours consist of? What will my wedding planner do for me that I can’t do on my own? The answer is simple. Long, but simple. Here’s the breakdown.

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Wedding Design:

During the design process you need someone who you can collaborate with. Two heads are always better than one. We are here to listen to your ideas, help you come up with new ones when you’re stumped, and brainstorm until we come up with the wedding of your dreams! Also, it can be hard to make sure you’re covering every little detail. Design isn’t just about the big picture, but all of the little bits and pieces that really put the aesthetic over the edge! From something as simple as picking a color scheme to something as small as how you want the bows to be tied around the chairs.


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As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot more that goes into planning a wedding than what meets the eye. A wedding planner can help you to see the bigger picture and make sure no details are left behind. The actual wedding day takes quite a bit of coordinating and wrangling, which is why we call ourselves chief wranglers. Our team is there to make sure that everything is falling into place so you can focus on your new hubby and enjoy the fruits of our labor! We will create an hour by hour (often even more detailed than that) schedule that fits your vision of how your wedding day will run. Also, there are A LOT of parts that go into the setup of the ceremony and reception space. To make sure that everything is accounted for, we create a detailed items list that tells us, as well as the vendors, exactly how many of each item we need. This way no one ends up without a seat when it comes to dinner time! This includes making sure that the floor plan matches perfectly in our minds, on paper, and then at the actual ceremony.


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Sometimes our eyes can be bigger than our wallet. Budget is one of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding. Weddings are expensive and sometimes it can be hard to set a budget and actually stick to it. With our expertise, your wedding planner can help you set and manage a reasonable budget that still allows you to have all that your heart desires.


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Stress Management:

Stress stress stress! Trying to juggle your full time job while planning your wedding can be a very difficult act. You don’t want to become so overwhelmed and frustrated that by the time your wedding day finally comes you don’t get to relax and enjoy the day or feel like “phew I’m so glad this is over with!” There’s no sugar coating how stressful planning a wedding can be when you have a million other things to do as well. Throughout the planning process, we will send you weekly email updates on what tasks to tackle, a timeline checklist to make sure you stay on track, and other helpful tips and reminders to ensure that everything is going according to the plan and so you don’t end up in a pinch a week before the wedding day.

We have many many years of experience with this stuff. We talk the talk and walk the walk. That’s what makes us pros! Getting married is a huge life event that we take very seriously, and truly value the trust you have in us to make sure it goes off seamless and successful.


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Lastly, why stop at letting a professional plan your wedding? Kill two birds with one stone and let us plan your honeymoon, too! We do all the work so you can have all the fun.

Your happily ever after should not begin with stress. He put a ring on it!

Continue the celebrations and let your wedding planner handle the rest 🙂

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