Insider’s Guide to Honeymooning in Italy

Flights to Italy

When headed to Italy, I highly recommend Emirates Airlines! Their staff is super accommodating and their meals are fantastic for “airline” food.

Hotels in Italy

Location is absolute key to provide ease during your travels. Italy has an abundance of 4 star options, but don’t have super high expectations as the standards aren’t super high to get “4 stars”.

If you really want something special, then 5 star hotels are the way to go! I have several great recommendations of Italian 5 star hotels  😉

Honeymoon in Italy Honeymoon in Italy

Italian Restaurants

Don’t expect restaurants in Italy to have American style breakfast. There are a few touristy places that serve a typical American breakfast (bacon, eggs, etc.), but otherwise stick to your hotel breakfast if that is what your belly desires.

Honeymoon in Italy

Lunch restaurants are usually open from 12:00-3:00pm, so don’t expect an early lunch before noon or good restaurant options after 3pm.

Honeymoon in Italy

For dinner, restaurants open at 7:30pm (literally they don’t turn the lights on until 7:30) and you definitely should make reservations if you want to eat before 9pm. Either your hotel concierge can make reservations for you or if you’re an avid planner and want reservations before you travel, let me know and I can book them for you!

Honeymoon in Italy

Paninis, gelato, by-the-slice pizza and various sweet breads are generally available at all times throughout the day.

Honeymoon in Italy

Italy for Food Lovers

  • Chianti is a very common and popular wine varietal throughout Italy. Definitely take the opportunity to try it!
  • White truffles are only available once a year and are considered a luxury. Try them with a pasta or risotto dish if you’re traveling in October or November.
  • Carbonara is a pasta with an egg based sauce with pancetta (bacon)- a popular Florentine dish.
  • Don’t order “coffee” and expect a typical American coffee you get in the US. You can order- café Americano and get a strong (yet very small) version of a typical American coffee. If you do order a “coffee” you will get an espresso shot. Getting a to-go “coffee” is not common. Italians generally order a café (an espresso shot) quickly drink it at the bar then out the door they go- on about their day.

Taxi’s in Italy

Expect an initial fee as soon as you hop in. This can range anywhere from 2 euro to 6 euro depending upon the day, where you are coming from, where you are going and how many bags of luggage you have. Overall traveling by taxi can get pretty expensive.

There can be public transportation strikes where taxi’s aren’t available, so just be aware.

Honeymoon in Italy

Traveling by Train in Italy

Train travel is pretty affordable between major cities and they are quite nice.

Honeymoon in Italy

You only have to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your train departure time and they are a quick mode of transportation. They do have wifi, but it isn’t always reliable.

Again, there can be public transportation strikes where the trains aren’t running, so just be aware.

Honeymoon in Italy


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