How to Combat Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding planning is inherently associated with high levels of stress. The pressure can get so bad many couple begin to wonder if they should just forget a wedding altogether and just elope! But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! Lowering your wedding planning stress is possible, and here are our top 10 ways to do that!

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1. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

The best way to get out of the nitty gritty day to day stresses of wedding planning is to focus your attention on why you’re having this wedding in the first place. The point is to celebrate your love and the rest of your lives surrounded by the people you love! If you can focus your mind and your heart on that, you won’t be so thrown off when some of the little details don’t work out as you planned.

2. Learn to Compromise

Figure out which decisions mean more to you and which decisions mean more to your sweetie, and let that determine who wins which fights. If he’s more passionate about which band plays, but you’re more passionate about which food is served, then let him choose the band and you can choose the food! Don’t let the little disagreements spiral into more than they have to be.

how to combat wedding planning stress, top 10 tips, uptown weddings, wedding planning

3. Divide and Conquer

Don’t bear the entire burden of wedding planning on your own! Divide and conquer the responsibilities of wedding planning between you and your sweetie, so no one person is doing everything. Of course, make sure to communicate, communicate, communicate throughout the entire process, so everyone is always aware of what’s going on. It’s all about delegating!

4. It’s All About You Two

This is your and your fiancé’s big day — no one else’s! No parent, sibling, friend, or coworker gets to have an opinion about your decisions (unless you specifically ask them!). Don’t let other people’s ideas and visions for what your wedding should look like overshadow what you two truly want.

how to combat wedding planning stress, top 10 tips, uptown weddings, wedding planning

5. You Can’t Please Everybody

Going off of that, don’t try to please everybody! If you tried to take the advice of everyone you know, you’d never come to a decision about anything. Don’t get stressed out by trying to incorporate everyone’s ideas and make everyone happy. Like we said before, this day is about making you and your sweetie happy — no one else!

6. Wedding-Free Time

It’s so important to set off chunks of wedding-free time throughout your week in order to not get completely absorbed and overwhelmed by the wedding planning details. Make at least one hour per day and at least one day per week completely off-limits for any discussion of wedding planning. Focus on de-stressing, having fun with your sweetie, and enjoying your engagement!

how to combat wedding planning stress, top 10 tips, uptown weddings, wedding planning

7. Stay Organized

This tip may be obvious, but the more organized you are (between writing everything down, keeping track of everything, etc.), the less that can go wrong or get forgotten. The more you write things down, the less you have floating around your head! Get a wedding planning organizer (such as this one by The Knot) or keep a Google Doc with all of the information for easy sharing.

8. Hire a Wedding Planner

The ultimate stress-free wedding planning hack? Hire a wedding planner! At the very least, hire a month-of coordinator to help you with all of those last-minute details, make sure you’re on the right track, and make sure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. Put some of that wedding planning burden on a professional’s shoulders!

how to combat wedding planning stress, top 10 tips, uptown weddings, wedding planning

9. Exercise

Besides being good for you in so many ways, exercising releases endorphins and reduces stress. Burn off all of those negative vibes and get your mind focused on something challenging and fun that’s not wedding-related! Completely distracting yourself from what’s stressing you out can be incredibly effective.

10. Find Your Zen

Bring some zen into your life with yoga and meditation. Focus your mind on your breathing and retreat to your happy place. Attend a yoga class, practice a guided meditation, explore yoga videos online, and research different breathing exercises. It’s important to train your mind to be more mindful, calm, and grateful in order to bring some of that inner peace into your daily life — and daily wedding planning struggles!

One of the best ways to avoid wedding planning stress is by hearing what other couples did when they were in your shoes! Check out our blog on wedding advice from newlyweds.

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