Bridal Makeup Tips from a Professional Makeup Artist

Makael Pritchard, owner of Makael Pritchard Makeup Artistry recently provided us with some incredible tips for brides on hair and makeup on their big day. We thought we should share these with you as you prepare for your wedding. Consider these nine bridal makeup tips before getting pretty on your big day!

Bridal Makeup Tips

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Makeup Tip One: Don’t be afraid of drama

The number one and most important tip that I stress on EVERY SINGLE wedding I work is to not be afraid of a little drama. I’m not talking drama between your bridesmaids, but rather about being a little more heavy-handed with a makeup brush then you would on an everyday look. Your wedding day is by far one of the most important days of your life, so you need to look and most importantly feel glam and beautiful!

No joke, probably 90% of my brides come into a trial or the big day saying they want to look natural, and I hear ya! We all want to look like ourselves on our wedding day. However, wedding photography will take down your makeup by about 30% at LEAST. Trust in what your artist knows. It may be more than what you would wear to the grocery store everyday and that’s okay! When you get back those wedding pictures and actually look like you had your makeup done, I promise you’ll be glad you left those fake lashes on!

Makeup Tip Two: Airbrush is worth the extra cost

Spend the extra money to get the airbrush makeup. Trust me. 16 hr wear, sweat-proof, tear-proof, waterproof… it’s worth it. That day you’re doing a lot of crying and hugging and dancing and sweating. This stuff is heavy-duty. I use it on all of my brides and I recently (for the first time) wore it on myself on a day that I worked a wedding in the morning, and then turned around and was a guest at the same wedding that night and when I got home 12+ hours later, my face hadn’t moved. You’ll be happy you did, I promise.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Photo By Kate Elizabeth Photography

Makeup Tip Three: No SPF

If you hired a makeup artist for your wedding, they should already know this. But a tip for you DIY brides out there: (picture this in blinking neon lights with arrows pointing at it from every direction, that’s how serious this is) avoid any face makeup that has SPF! SPF is the sunscreen in your makeup. Is this a plus for everyday wear? Yes. Protect your skin. However, SPF poorly reflects flash photography which is often used on weddings, especially in a dark reception room. Have you ever seen a picture of someone and their face looks like a white ghost compared to the rest of their body? Yeah, that’s the SPF bouncing back the light. So check your lotions, primers, foundations, powders, everything! Make sure that is left out!

Makeup Tip Four: Use Eyeliner Sparingly

Don’t close your eyes up with heavy eyeliner. Instead of taking your liner from one point to the other, try instead going to half way or even ¾ of the way. The further in you take your liner, the more closed-off your eyes will look. On my brides, you’ll rarely even see me with a black eyeliner pencil in my hand. It’s too harsh on the bottom. Instead, try some dark brown eyeshadow powder on a precision brush and dust it just below the water line tracing the shape of your eye. This creates a “smoked-out” effect and makes your eyes appear bigger and more open! And let’s get real, who doesn’t love Disney Princess eyes?!

Bridal Makeup Tips

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Makeup Tip Five: Consider False Eyelashes

False Lashes. Yes. That’s all I have to say about that. 100% yes. I don’t care if you have naturally long lashes, I will still try to talk you into falsies. They not only look better in person, they also show up better in pictures.

Makeup Tip Six: Communicate with your bridesmaids

For most of you brides out there- don’t forget that you asked your bridesmaids to be in your wedding and they agreed to it. Which means they agreed to the cost of being a bridesmaid. If having uniformed hair on your girls is important to you, don’t be afraid to tell them they will be paying to get their hair done.

Now I must preface this by saying that the cost needs to be within reason. If you’re asking them to spend $150 on some curls, that’s unnecessary and they should reserve the right to tell you no. On the flip side, if it’ only costing them $30 for an updo and the artist isn’t a family member, you should question that as well. For a reasonable cost for a wedding hairstyle, $50-80, you should feel confident in telling your girls you expect them to be on board.

Of course if you want to cover their services as a gift, great! But for you brides out there hiring an artist to come on location and can’t afford to pamper your entire bridal party, that’s okay! Just let them now to start planning ahead to cover that cost! Most everyone can put away a $5 bill here and there to get an updo on your big day!

Bridal Makeup Tips

Photo By Kate Elizabeth Photography

Makeup Tip Seven: Remember to touch up

If you hired a makeup artist, go out and buy the lipstick color that you decide to use during your trial. Or if you aren’t doing a trial, ask your makeup artist for recommendations to go purchase. When we leave a job, our kit goes with us. I always leave my brides a lipstick swab for a later touch-up but not every artist will! You’re going to be kissing, eating, drinking, and sweating so having your color on hand will keep your lips looking perfect all night!

Makeup Tip Eight: Treat your skin normal before the big day

Don’t do anything out of the ordinary to your face, skin, or hair the few days prior to your wedding. Quite often, brides will do a face mask that they aren’t used to doing the night before their wedding and we have to load on the moisturizer to counteract the dry-ness the mask left behind. The same concept applies with getting your eyebrows waxed. Waxing can cause swelling and irritation that leaves skin red and puffy in unwanted! Do your prep in advance so you don’t have any surprises!

Bridal Makeup Tips

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Makeup Tip Nine: Enjoy Your Day!

Last but certainly not least, enjoy your day! Take in every moment and know that you are beautiful! When you try to nitpick that one wing of your eye-liner is slightly higher than the other, just remember that when your fiance sees you for the first time in that white dress, none of that matters. In that moment you’re going to look the most beautiful and perfect you’ve ever looked, so don’t sweat the small stuff. This is coming from someone who’s job is how you look. You want to look amazing and the color you choose for your lipstick needs to be perfect but don’t let your day be over-shadowed by eyeshadow. Eh, see what I did there?

Congrats Brides!

-Makael Pritchard

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