Behind the Scenes of Bridal Luncheons

Though it may seem like a no brainer to some, the bridal luncheon is a foreign concept to others. Bridal luncheons are an important pre-wedding festivity, right up there with engagement parties, bridal showers and bachelorette parties. In years past, the bridal luncheon was hosted by the bridesmaids for the bride. However it has become an event that allows the bride to show her gratitude towards her bridesmaids.  We’ve laid out the top tips to think about when you start planning. Photos featured below are a behind-the-scenes look at a bridal luncheon we helped plan last month at Green Pastures Restaurant.

1. Attendees

Along with the maid of honor and bridesmaids, it is courteous to invite the the flower girl and her mother. Both the bride and groom’s mother and grandmother are traditionally invited as well as any other close female relatives that will be participating in the wedding.

2. Date and Location

It is smart to have the bridal luncheon a day or two before the wedding, or even the morning of the wedding itself, in which case the party can be a step in the morning routine of getting ready like a trip to the salon or a visit from a makeup artist. Traditionally, it is a luncheon, brunch, or afternoon tea, but a cocktail party or dinner is equally nice, either at home or at a restaurant. You also may choose to have your event earlier, perhaps after the final dress fittings, for a less stressful gathering.

3. Gifts

The bridal luncheon is the perfect opportunity for brides to present their bridesmaids gifts. The morning of the wedding is already hectic enough, so this gives the bride a chance to really thank her girls for sticking by her side. It’s also a plus if the gifts include clothing items bridesmaids would want to wear while prepping for the big day. In general brides do not expect a gift in return, each bridesmaid has, after all, purchased a shower gift, a wedding gift and her bridesmaid’s attire.

4. Cake

An adorable and fun tradition associated with a bridal luncheon is the bridesmaids’ cake. The details vary, but the cake is often pink and contains a coin, thimble or ring, baked in. Similar to a New Year’s cake, the lucky lady to find the trinket in her slice is thought to be “blessed in affairs of the heart” and possibly the next to wed!





















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A special thanks to Craig of Photosynthesis Floral Design!

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