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The Barre-chelorette Party

There are countless things on a soon-to-be bride’s mind. One is surely “what should I plan for my bachelorette party?” While most people wouldn’t think of including a workout in their bachelorette party, we say why not?! Working out with friends is one of the most fun ways of getting a good workout in and bond with your girlfriends. A workout class can be a great launching point for the rest of your bachelorette party!

Barre Code, Bachelorette Party

Luckily, The Barre Code has got you covered. Located on South Lamar, they’re the perfect place to have a fun, challenging, and rewarding workout experience with your best friends! Whether you’re wanting to kick off your bachelorette party with a workout, just looking to do something fun with your ladies before the big day, or simply wanting to find your inner strength and tone it up before your wedding, we think this is a great idea to incorporate into your pre-wedding plans!

What is the Barre Code?

Barre Code, Bachelorette Party

The Barre Code is based in Austin, TX, and is not your average workout studio – both the classes and environment break from tradition by focusing on what there is to gain, never what there is to lose. You will find a community of women dedicated to standing by and supporting one another. Our one-of-a-kind fitness program, broken down into three pillars: cardio, strength and restoration is flipping the script on traditional barre classes. Currently, we offer 5 different types of classes with 2 additional classes to be introduced this year. We also continue to partner with other relevant wellness brands and influencers in the Austin area to create unique and fun events for our community. We are excited to being offering private group classes for celebrations including birthdays, bachelorette parties and more!”

Great Pre-Wedding Workout

Barre Code, Bachelorette Party

I decided to go down to The Barre Code to try out a class for myself to see how I liked the studio and the workout. I’ve tried out many types of workout classes before, but I had always wanted to try a barre-based workout. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed!

When I walked in, I was immediately greeted graciously by the ladies working there. They had advised on their website to arrive early so someone can show you around the studio before class started. They truly made sure I knew where everything was and how to operate everything before I got ready for the class. I was impressed by how clean and bright the studio was! There were dressing rooms for you to change and lockers to store your things while you took the class. Right when you walk in, they have written on a board exactly what equipment you need for that class. We used 3 lb. weights in my class, so I put my things in a locker, grabbed my weights, and headed into the studio.

Barre Code, Bachelorette Party

While there are currently five different class options, I decided to try their 50 minute Barre class. I like to think of myself as being in shape, but I’m telling you, this workout was not messing around. The class focused primarily on conditioning and strengthening. We worked each and every part of the body, and my body felt it in the best way! My class was taught by Cami, who actually owns the Austin Barre Code studio. She stayed super energized, positive, and motivational throughout the entire 50 minutes, which is one of the more important things for a workout instructor to do! She made sure to help you with any moves or positions if you were struggling with it, which I appreciated. I left the studio feeling strong and full of endorphins. I got in a great workout, I had a good time, and I wanted to go back already!

Barre Code, Bachelorette Party

Fun Non-Traditional Bachelorette Party

The Barre Code offers private group classes, which you can book for your very own barre-chelorette party! These can be hosted either at the studio with custom décor and optional add-ons, or at a location of your choice. The group deal is formatted for a group of 10, but you can add in more of your best gals for $20/person. Below is an e-flyer from The Barre Code with more details about their group classes:

Barre Code, Bachelorette Party

How to Make Your Bachelorette Party Unique

Looking to personalize your bachelorette party even more?! Add in some fun personalized favors for your bridesmaids. Make each girl a custom water bottle with her name on it to commemorate the day. You can also give each girl a tank top that says “bridesmaid” to wear during the workout! Pick up a healthy post-workout snack, like a fruit tray from Whole Foods or smoothies from JuiceLand. We hope you have the best barre-chelorette party ever!

Barre Code, Bachelorette Party

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