Advice from an Uptown Bride

Earlier this year, a bubbly, kind hearted Longhorn fan met us for coffee and told us about her upcoming wedding. From the second we met, we loved her spunk, organization and loving spirit. The planning process from that moment out was truly wonderful. Bernadette + Nolan said “I Do” in September, and then flew to Greece for a honeymoon vacation of a lifetime. Upon their return, we asked Bernadette a few questions about the planning process. We thought she handled obstacles and working with her Uptown team really well. So, we wanted to get her advice to pass along to our future clients.

See below for Bernadette’s advice to an Uptown bride!

What are the three best pieces of advice you can give another bride?

1-  Don’t sweat the small stuff: 

I was all about the details and micro-managing during the wedding planning process. While some of it paid off, some of it wasn’t worth the unnecessary stress.  If you’re in the planning process and there is a task/project that is stressing you out, take a step back and ask yourself, “Is this something I HAVE to do/have at the wedding?  Is it worth all this time/effort/stress?”  Some stuff is, some stuff isn’t, but always be willing to adjust your vision if it means the chance to reduce some stress on your end.  Shedding some of the tiny, unnecessary details will give you more time to focus on the big, important ones.  And if you find some extra time, you can always go back and add those small details back.

Something WILL go wrong, big or small, on the wedding day, and having too many details means more opportunities something won’t go exactly how you pictured.  And when something does go wrong, take a deep breath, brush it off, and move on.  The day goes by in a flash so don’t use your precious time dwelling on it!

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2-  Ask for help:

Having a wedding planner is MUST!  I could not have gotten through the wedding process without the help of Morgan and the girls at Uptown Events.  Leading up to the day, it’s such a huge resource to have an experienced professional in this crazy maze of wedding planning to help guide you, answer your questions, recommend vendors and coordinate with them, and to help fine-tune your vision from imagination to reality.  Then, on the day-of, they are instrumental in making your vision come to life, keeping everyone in line and on time, and troubleshooting problems that pop up along the way.  That way you can focus on being a bride!  Recruiting friends and family to help leading up to the day is another recommendation—you don’t always have to do everything yourself; friends and family are willing to help so take advantage of those extra hands!  Delegate!

3- Remember what’s important:

At the end of the day, you and the love-of-your-life will be married!  And if everything else on the day goes wrong, just remember that you’ll still have each other.  Take time to enjoy and appreciate your new spouse; this day is about celebrating the two of you!

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What is something unexpected that you think future brides should know ahead of time?

One thing I didn’t fully realize was just how fast the day goes by.  So many people will tell you this leading up to the day, but when the time comes, you’ll feel like you blinked and its all over!  Be flexible with your timeline, and take a step back to let yourself cherish and enjoy the moment!

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If you had to change one thing about planning your wedding or the day-of, what would it be?

Looking back, I wish I had more time before and during the day to enjoy being with my bridesmaids and my family/friends.  There were various ways I could have accomplished this–hiring an extra hair/makeup person so the bridal party could be done getting ready sooner, doing a first-look so we could mingle with guests at the cocktail hour, a receiving line so we could make sure to greet each guest efficiently rather than going from table-to-table.  My piece of advice is anything that could add efficiency to your day might be worth it in the end!

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Can you share your favorite thing about working with Uptown?

Morgan and Jessica!

Morgan was amazing to work with.  She was so helpful throughout the entire process:  answering questions I had using her expertise, recommending vendors, creating the timeline, organizing and running the big day so smoothly, and always being honest about any concerns or advice she had.  She approached the day with a wonderful creativity, but also a necessary practicality, which helped turn my dream wedding into a reality.  But my favorite part about working with her was her upbeat personality, which is contagious and evident to anyone she interacts with!  I had so many guests approach me and say, “Your planner was so great!  She was smiling the whole time and it looked like nothing phased her!”  It was wonderful to have someone like that in your corner—her confidence made me feel so at ease on a day that could have been so stressful!

Jessica planned our amazing honeymoon to Greece, which would not have been possible without her!  There was enough to worry about planning the wedding itself; I could not have imagined what it would have been like to plan a honeymoon at the same time.  But what we got with Jessica was our dream honeymoon experience—she took everything we told her we wanted out of our trip and made it come true!

We didn’t have to compromise—working with Morgan and Jessica allowed us to have both the wedding AND honeymoon we always wanted!

Anything else you would like to tell a future bride? 🙂

Good luck, and have fun!


Well, we could not have asked for better feedback. Thank you Bernadette for being a joy to work with from day 1 🙂 We are so grateful that you passed along helpful tidbits of advice to our future clients! We look forward to sharing more photos of your big day on our blog next month!!

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