Uptown Events & Travel is an Austin wedding planning company and luxury travel agency.  We specialize in thoughtfully designed Austin weddings, well planned destination weddings, and custom luxury travel experiences. Uptown Events & Travel is comprised of an amazing team of experienced and passionate wedding and travel professionals. Based in Austin, Texas and serving clients worldwide, Uptown Events & Travel offers the advantageous combination of event planning company meets travel agency. 

You’ll love working with our fantastic team who knows what it takes to make each element perfect so you can have a wonderful experience during this special time. Combined, we provide you with over a decade of experience and diverse skill sets that no event is too small or too trip big. As you continue your journey finding the perfect wedding planner or travel advisor, check out our team members and learn a little bit more about why we love what we do (hint, working with you is a big part of it!).

Meet Our Team



How did Uptown get started? My parents were both entrepreneurs, so having my own business was always something I knew I wanted. After years of working as an event planner at a local Austin event venues I wanted the opportunity to work in new and different spaces for every event, so I started Uptown Events. My husband works for a luxury hotel chain which gave us the opportunity to travel quite often and I quickly fell in love with seeing the world. After three years of business, I decided to start learning the travel industry in hopes of adding travel planning to my repertoire. I was blessed with the opportunity work under a wonderful seasoned luxury travel advisor, and have since added travel services to Uptown. What is your favorite local activity? I enjoy trying Austin’s fabulous restaurants with my husband. I love food but am not great in the kitchen, so treating myself to some of the area’s best restaurants is something I love to do. What is something you can’t live without? I can not live without my phone. As a business owner and avid planner, it gives me access to my calendar, contacts, email and everything else needed to stay organized. What is your dream vacation? My dream vacation is a trip around the world. I like to dream big! A three month tour of all the best destinations on earth. A random fact about me? I love poodles! I have a maltipoo and a golden doodle.


How did you get started in events? I started off planning small events at my local (one story) mall and from there my passion took off! I started planning concerts, wine festivals, corporate events, and I knew this is who I wanted to be, the lady with the clipboard. What is your favorite local activity? I love the diversity of food Austin has to offer and I try to eat somewhere new every time I eat out! I am very open to trying new things to eat, and love novelty offerings! What is something you can’t live without? My car, I’m one of those crazy people that need to have their car at all times, just in case they need to leave! What is your dream vacation? I dream about going on a vacation to Tahiti and staying in one of those bungalows that sit above water. I also want to ride in one of those see-through kayaks on the ocean. Two random facts about me? My first language was Spanish. I didn’t even know English until I was about to be five! However, today I am not a fluent Spanish speaker. Go figure!