Uptown Events & Travel Re-Launch!


A Look Inside the Uptown Events & Travel Re-Launch!

A little back story…. Uptown Events started in 2012 as a wedding and event planning business from the passions of owner Jessica Upton. As the company has evolved we’ve started providing new services to clients such as social and lifestyle event planning, floral and event design, honeymoon planning and travel coordination. Moving into the end of 2015 we began discussing the direction of the company and where the business was transitioning to. Long story short, from that came the idea to rebrand into- Uptown Events & Travel.

We had already begun providing these new services to our clients so we really wanted to premiere a new fresh face for Uptown. We wanted to both celebrate it and really showcase to the world what we specialize in! So um…. how do we do that?

This is how Uptown Events became Uptown Events and Travel….

“Let’s re-launch the company!”

“Okay! What do we do?”

Re-launching a company is no easy task, but it is truly an exciting one! Once we decided to make this move, we had to break down what was needed in order to re-launch a company and make it successful.

A New Look:

We started with a new look. We wanted a new logo, new tagline, new photos, new business cards and a new website. New everything. We brainstormed and sketched. Brainstormed some more, sketched some more. Erased it all and then tried again. Coming up with a logo proved to be more painful than we had imagined. It’s so incredibly important when branding a company to choose colors, shapes, lines and fonts that represent who a company is and where they plan to go. We wanted to be fresh, modern, timeless… What color screams that to you?? See!….. It’s hard!


We worked with an amazing design team who brought our dreams to life and we ended up with a dare I say, a timeless logo. As we a ton of research on branding and we learned how vital consistency is for a company. We wanted clients and vendors to see Uptown as consistent in all they do, so we practiced consistency in our branding. We used green and blue in stylized shoots, in floral arrangements for the event, signage for marketing materials, on social media posts, and even on the bar napkins! Businesses will go for different ways of showing off their brand and whichever way that is, it’s right for them. Custom Water Bottles are used a lot because they can be taken anywhere and everywhere, bringing light to a business in subtle but strategic ways.


A Celebration:

Of course, we had to throw a party! We’re event planners, that’s the only way we know!

We sat down and looked for the very best vendors we knew to be apart of our event. Although we are proud of the work we do, we know our job is possible because of great vendors. We can plan events down to the last detail but a successful event hinges on the other vendors being able to execute their jobs perfectly. We found our favorites and could not have been more pleased with the outcome. A HUGE thank you goes to Mark from Exodus Sound Co, Pascal’s Catering, West Elm, Aqua Custom Bottle Labeling, Speed Pro Imaging, Austin Cocktails, Monarch Event Rentals, and The Sweet Tea Photography!




Why It Was Worth It:

At Uptown Events and Travel, we absolutely love what we do. We’re a group of individuals who have passion for the details, extreme organization and the smile on our clients faces at the end of the day. Our re-launch happened in order to celebrate our excitement and to share it with everyone we get the chance to meet and work with. It was more than a simple logo change, it was the very tip of what’s all to come for Uptown. We are never comfortable with now, but we are looking ahead to what’s to come. We are going to beat trends, start our own and provide the very, very best to our clients. Please stay tuned to for all to come!


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