4 Things To Do Now That You’ve Booked Your Wedding Coordinator

4 Things to Do Now that You’ve Booked Your Wedding Coordinator

(hint– this will make the month of your wedding so much easier!!)

4 Things to Do Now That You've Booked Your Coordinator

Congratulations! You found your special someone (no… not us, your groom!) Just kidding! Once you have your groom and your wedding coordinator, it’s time to start knocking out some of your wedding planning tasks. Although there is much planning to do be done during your engagement, inevitably quite a few things happen the last month or so before the wedding occurs. Accomplishing the four tasks below will hopefully alleviate some of that work so that you can relax and enjoy the excitement as your wedding day nears.


#1: Pick your special songs!

This is one task that your DJ or band will eventually ask from you, so discussing and picking them early will save you some time and thoughts later in the planning process. Those special songs include but are not limited to:

-Your ceremony processional song(s)

-Bridal entrance song

-Your Recessional song(s)

-Your Reception Grand Entrance

-Your First Dance

-Father Daughter Dance

-Mother Son Dance

-Cake Cutting Song

-Bouquet Toss Song

-Garter Toss Song

-Last Dance Song


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#2: Buy your thank you note stationery and start writing them!

We recommend buying thank you stationary before you have your first engagement party, bridal shower or bachelorette party. That way as soon as gifts or cards start coming in, you can shoot out thank you’s. If you wait until the end, it ends up being quite the list to tackle.


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#3: Create a list of “must-have” photographs

As you pin your favorite wedding photos to your ever growing pinterest board, start to write down the must have photos that you want on your wedding day. Whether it be of you and your three sisters in an embrace or your grandmother and grandfather by your side, you want to make sure your photographer knows which photos are important to you. It’s also extremely helpful to write down all the photos you want with family members. The different combinations can be difficult for a photographer to navigate so we recommend writing down the people you’d like to take a photo with along with their names. Your coordinator and photographer will work together to make sure all parties find their way in front of the camera so you have the memories captured.


Photo from Brit.com


#4: Book your honeymoon!

Your honeymoon is coming up and is another thing you have to plan. However, this can be easy if done early and with some assistance. If you’re an Uptown bride, we can help you plan your trip! We love working with couples on their honeymoon planning as we feel like the more we get to know you, the better wedding and honeymoon we can plan! Whether it be a few nights in Colorado, or a ten day trek across the continent of Europe, we love to help brides and grooms make the entire planning experience a memorable one. If you’re looking to go a bit off the typical honeymoon path, be sure to check out our blog on why we believe South Africa to be one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world!


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Congratulations again on your engagement and on booking a wedding coordinator! We promise to do our very best to make this planning process one that is filled with joy, laughter and excitement!


-Happy Planning!




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