10 Tips on Feeling Your Best for the Big Day

We recently asked Delaney Wray of Happy Meets Healthy to share her top tips for brides-to-be to feel their very best on their big day. With a rich experience of working as a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and empowering brides to live their healthiest lives, Delaney comes with a wealth of knowledge! Read on for her top ten tips for future brides.

Since your engagement, there’s been a LOT going on, and I guarantee you’ve been bombarded on how to look your best – How to lose excess weight the quickest – How to play the part of the “perfect” bride, right? The hair, the makeup, the shoes, and don’t forget about that dress! This is all very important, of course, but what if all of that was a little more obtainable with a different perspective?

With nearly a decade of wedding experience and a background of holistic health and nutrition, I have seen my share of thriving brides AND my share of struggling brides, so here is my scoop for how to FEEL your best on that *BIG* day.

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1. Sleep

You have heard it before and I’m going to tell you again… sleep my darling – SLEEP! This blissful part of your everyday may sound like a “dream” if you’re in the nitty-gritty of planning, but it is the most crucial to your body’s system working properly and your waistline matching your dress’s.

Lack of sleep can lead to a list of problems, but the biggest concerning your little hitched-up-self is impaired judgment, forgetfulness, a never-ending appetite increase, and lackluster skin. You want to be walking down the aisle looking like a perfectly picked Calla Lily, not a withered up stem of Baby’s Breath. Let’s be honest.

Happy Meets Healthy, Delaney Wray, Wedding Health, Uptown Weddings

2. Champagne is not Water

Yes, the water of weddings IS champagne, BUT, how good is the champagne really going to taste if you’ve been drinking it every day – all day – in mimosas – in your work mug – on top of your salad… You might think that it can pass as a fruit juice in your smoothie, but just, no.

The entire week leading up to the wedding, your family is in town, your bridesmaids are all pumped up, you have taken off of work, and you’re celebrating! *YASSS* Just keep in mind that the biggest celebration is to come and you don’t want to be “liquored-out” before you get “liquored-up”. Cherish these pre-wedding moments. They tend to fly by quicker when you’re having too much fun.

Happy Meets Healthy, Delaney Wray, Wedding Health, Uptown Weddings

3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Plum or eggplant? Gold flatware or silver? Name cards or no name cards? *SO MANY THINGS* I can hear it in your voice and see it in your face. Stress. There is such a thing as planning a stress-free-wedding (!), but that is a different blog for a different day. Think about it this way… you’re one month away from your wedding and you’re planning out who is sitting next to whom at dinner. Uncle Ned REALLY doesn’t get along with Cousin Gerald, but Gerald needs to be near Grandma Penny to assist with her 7:00 pm dinner pills, which Uncle Ned – STOP.

This day is about YOU and that dashing fiancé of yours! Let the people sit and let your mind just relax. Stress, even in the littlest amounts, takes the largest toll on your health. When your stress hormones are turned on, your digestion and metabolic power is turned OFF. You can eat the healthiest meal on the planet, but if you’re eating it in a stressed out anxious state, it’s not going to do your body any justice. Not only that, but when you’re stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released into your system and it has this fantastic side effect of storing belly fat! *Hooray!*

So for goodness sakes, don’t sweat the small stuff. Looking back at your wedding, all of those miniature details will not matter, the way you felt though, that will.

Happy Meets Healthy, Delaney Wray, Wedding Health, Uptown Weddings

4. Fuel Don’t Fill

Here you are in your regular, every day, busy life and now you’re adding a wedding (cue evil laughter). You’re running from the cake tasting, to the final makeup rehearsal, to the venue walk through. You have emails FOR DAYZZZ and you somehow need to eat between all of that. Huh?!?

Key words: Fuel & Fill. To Fuel means to supply power or nourishment to something. To Fill means to make full or extend throughout. With those definitions, personally, I’m going to go with #1. Ain’t NOBODY want to “extend throughout”…

I say this to my clients everyday – “Make is EASY on yourself”. Yes, you will be busy, and yes, you’re planning a detailed event, but first comes first, YOU. If you are not at your best and you are running on empty, (or worse, running on fast food), there is no way you are going to feel your best for your *BIG* day. Take initiative each week to plan healthy meals ahead of time, so you have the opportunity to grab-and-go if need be. Nobody likes a “Bride-Zilla”, especially, a hangry “Bride-Zilla”.

Happy Meets Healthy, Delaney Wray, Wedding Health, Uptown Weddings

5. Happy Now Happy Later

The “Newly-wed” phase is about to begin! Some of the BEST years are ahead for you and your “Love-Monkey” (or Puddin’ Bear… or Sugar Cake…). Are you ready for them? I’m going to ask that again, are you truly ready? I ask this because I see a lot of couples blinded by the wedding-scene. They haven’t focused on what happens after – What might change – What will stay the same – After the wedding bliss, what then?

Take some time with your spouse to openly talk about what’s to come after the *BIG* day! Set goals – together and separate. Discuss your plans for the next five years – ten years – retirement! Stay open-minded to each other’s ideas, dreams, and thoughts. Support them, even if owning an alpaca farm in the Swiss Alps sounds a little out of the ball park at this time.

With this clear line of communication before your “I do’s”, the two of you will feel even more connected, composed, and ready to take that perfectly placed step into your future, together.

Happy Meets Healthy, Delaney Wray, Wedding Health, Uptown Weddings

6. Unwind & Let Go

You have everything in place – Your venue, your planner, the photographer, your caterer, the cake, the rentals, and even the wagon your little nephew is coming down the aisle in. There might still be a few details to consider, but all of your bases are covered.

First of all, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re amazing for putting all of that together! Secondly, allow yourself to unwind. What’s your favorite thing to do on your day off that isn’t wedding planning? GO DO IT!! Take a bubble bath with an ungodly priced bath bomb. Go get that mani-pedi and splurge on that shellac girl! “Go run the hidden pine trails of the forest, come taste the sunsweet berries of the earth, come roll in all the….” Oh. Too far? Too far.

Bottom line, when you allow yourself to let go, everything will fall into place. I pinky promise. 😉

Happy Meets Healthy, Delaney Wray, Wedding Health, Uptown Weddings

7. Movement is Key

When I say movement, I am not talking about the motion of your bowel ocean. Although that is always important, we’re not going there today. What I mean by “movement” is physical movement. The more you are on your feet, dog-walking, pumping through pilates, Namaste-in’ through your vinyasas, or kickboxing out all those horrid thoughts of dating again, keep doing it!

Movement is another form of nourishment your body NEEDS. If you suppress your body of daily exercise, it’s going to look for it in other forms, like that Snickers Bar in your freezer, hidden behind the frozen peas so your fiancé wouldn’t see it… Yep… I see you girl, I see you.

Give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to get that blood flowing and those muscles pumping. That’s it! When that wedding day comes, you’re going to be feeling and looking *ON-FLEEK* in that dress! Let that glowing natural energy you create beam through you!

Happy Meets Healthy, Delaney Wray, Wedding Health, Uptown Weddings

8. Avoid Sugar

Let’s be honest, you’re probably going to be an emotional wreck. Your mom helping you button up your dress – You catching eyes with the love of your life walking down the aisle with your dad’s arm – Pouring your heart out when it’s your turn to say the vows – And don’t even THINK you’re going to be able to hold it together for the daddy-daughter dance. Let me tell you right now, water-proof mascara is a requirement and at least 7 tissues can be secretly stuffed into that corseted dress of yours.

With that said, there is something that could make it even worse… I also refer to this as “the white devil” in the food world. Any guesses? SUGAR! This “grim reaper of foods” takes a toll on your blood sugar, yes, but did you also know that it takes you for an emotional rollercoaster too? When your blood sugar rises, you’re feeling on-point. You’re energized and pumped. You’re at the top of that rollercoaster and then your insulin starts pumping, so you begin to plummet. While you’re diving into your emotional doom, you are more likely to lose your patience, get cranky, feel lethargic, and ultimately be a GIANT party pooper. As the bride, this is not the look you’re going for.

So instead of starting your day with donuts, cinnamon rolls, kolaches, or eating your weight in fruit, think about beginning the *best day ever* with a solid base of high quality fats, proteins, and carbs that will keep you feeling like the strong bridal princess you are, inside and out. 😉

Happy Meets Healthy, Delaney Wray, Wedding Health, Uptown Weddings

9. Be Present

On this day, you have the most important people in your life, all together, celebrating you and your life partner. That alone is incredible (and making my eyes foggy). Be fully aware of this. I hear this all the time, “It just flew by”. You’re going to find yourself keeping busy and hopping from DIY thing to another, making sure everything’s perfect, but take a few moments and take a few breaths.

Soak up all of these people that surround you and really try to feel the amount of love that is pulsing throughout the next 24 hours of pure wedding bliss. If you can take a step back, take a few breaths, be present, and try to freeze these precious moments that are right in front of you, you will thank yourself later. It is gone in the blink of an eye, so make sure you’re really there for it all.

Happy Meets Healthy, Delaney Wray, Wedding Health, Uptown Weddings

10. It’s Just You & Your BFF

Carrie Bradshaw said it best, “This is me you’re marrying tomorrow, me – Nobody else – And I’m marrying you. Me & You.” It is so easy to get caught up in everything. I have seen brides be so obsessed with the circus of it all, that they forget why the show even started in the first place.

This is the one day you get to make a powerful life commitment to your best friend with the presence of the ones who love you the most. It can be that simple. And when you focus on that, you will feel it, and your wedding day will truly be one of the best days of your life.

Happy Meets Healthy, Delaney Wray, Wedding Health, Uptown Weddings

Delaney Wray of Happy Meets Healthy

Delaney Wray is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and Founder of Happy Meets Healthy. She specializes in empowering brides to take control of their health paths and find their fullest potential by optimizing their well-being through developing healthy lifestyle habits, gaining natural energy, and experiencing the best versions of themselves without deprivation or sacrifice while planning their *BIG* day. Delaney emphasizes the importance of overall health while taking these next big steps in life with your partner.

Whether you have a few weeks or an entire year before your wedding, Delaney offers specific programs for you and your lifestyle so you can focus on what will make the biggest impact in the shortest period of time, but last a lifetime. What if you could begin your marriage with the BEST version of yourself, inside and out? Contact Delaney for a *FREE* Discovery Session to uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from having the health, body, and life that you’ve been wanting.

– Contact Delaney or learn more at happymeetshealthcoach@gmail.com or happy-meets-healthy.com

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